Legal Agreement Document

A legal agreement document is generally prepared to put forth the terms and conditions inherent to a legal agreement between two parties, as prepared on a particular date, for a specific purpose and span of time. The document must be prepared in a lucid manner so as to detail every element clearly, such that it can be safely referred to when and if needed in the future.

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Sample Legal Agreement Document:

Legal Agreement Document

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This legal agreement document is to state that I, Mr. Jacob N. Masters, hereafter referred to as the landlord, will hand over my flat [details given in the later part of document] to Miss Maria Stephens, henceforth referred as the tenant, for a tenure of two years, to be used strictly for residential purposes. Also, it has been agreed that she will be the sole resident here and guests will be entertained only with prior notice. Any action that does not form a part of this agreement will be considered as a breach of contract and legal actions will be taken under such circumstances.

Name of landlord: Jacob N. Masters

Address: 56-A, Palm Apartments, London

Contact Number: 00 44 – 20 – 36721972 [office]

00 44 – 20 – 83741937 [residential]

Name of tenant: Maria Stephens

Age: 21 years

Profession: Student [M.A 1st year]

Permanent Address: 8/II, Clinston Colony, Los Angeles

Contact number: 00 1 – 213 – 38467219

Date of commencement of agreement: 16th December, 2011

Date of termination of agreement: 16th December, 2013

Amount paid as advance: $ 45000

Monthly Rent: $9000

  • It is to be noted carefully that the rent for each month is to be paid within the first week, failing which the tenant will be fined with an amount as decided by the landlord.
  • All bills for electricity, water supply, taxes and maintenance charges are to be paid by the tenant during the agreement term.


[Signature of landlord]


[Signature of tenant]


[Guardian’s signature]


[Advocate’s signature]

Date: 16.12.2011                                                                                                       Place: London

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