Lease Transfer Document

A lease transfer document is a formal document or an arrangement of lease transfer which is made between a lessee, a lessor and a new lessee to whom the original lease is being transferred to. These documents lay down all the terms and conditions of the lease transfers which happen as a result of a hindrance which causes the lessee to discontinue and transfer the lease. Given below is a sample.

Sample Lease Transfer Document

This lease transfer arrangement has been made by and between Mr. Ronald David, the original lessee and Mr. Fred Johnson, the new lessee. This lease transfer is being signed for the transfer of flat lease which commenced on 4th April 2012 and shall terminate on 4th April 2013.

The Original lessee isn’t being able to continue with the flat lease signed with the lessor, Mr. Peter Mathews due to transfer of Job to the state of Manchester from London.

The following are the details of the parties:

Original lessee:

Contact number: 473328440

New Lessee:

Contact number: 479032473


Contact number: 4332904043

Address: R-90, first floor, Martin tower, London

Details of flat for which lease is being transferred:

Address: D-34, second floor, Mathew Lane, London

Lease charge per month: $250

Under this lease transfer, the new lessee should be informed about all the terms and conditions which were signed under the original lease document. The flat shall be handed over to the New lessee on 4th Nov 2012 and shall terminate on 4th April 2013.

The following are the terms and conditions of the lease transfer:

  • The original lessee shall transfer all the furniture, facilities etc. To the new lessee while transferring the lease documents.
  • The new lessee must make the lease payment to the lessor on the first of each month by drawing a cheque against name of the lessor.
  • The new lessee must abide by all the other terms and conditions which were mentioned in the original contract. If he fails to do so, then the lease will be terminated prematurely.

All three parties thus agree to the terms and conditions of the lease transfer arrangement and give their consent as follows:

Ronald David

Peter Mathews

Fred Johnson

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