Lease Termination Document

A lease termination document is a document or a formal arrangement which is made between a lessor of a property or item and a lessee so as to terminate a lease arrangement due to violation of terms or ending of the lease arrangement. These documents consist of the details of the parties involved, terms or the lease termination and other important specifications. A lease termination document must be signed by the parties so as to validate its termination. Given below for your reference is a sample of a lease termination document.

Sample Lease Termination Document:

This lease termination document has been made by and between a lessor and a lessee whose details are given as follows:

Lessor details:

Name: Mr. Tim Timothy

Address: F-90, second floor, Conway complex, London

Contact number: 470329470324

Lessee details:

Name: Mr. Harvey Brown

Address: S-34, first floor, Martin tower, London

Contact number: 47240987243

This lease termination document is being drafted to validate the fact that the lease has been prematurely terminated due to violation of the terms of the lease arrangement which came into effect on 3rd March 2011 and was to be effective for 24 months.

Date of lease termination: 5th June 2012

The following are the important details of the lease termination:

  • As per the terms and conditions of the lease arrangement, if the lessee fails to pay the rental charge for 3 months in succession, then the lease would be prematurely terminated.
  • The lease termination has been validated by both the parties and the lessee agrees to terminate the lease.
  • This lease cannot be under any circumstances renew, transfer or extend the lease.
  • The lessor must be handed back over the flat which was leased to the lessee before the 5th of June 2012.

Signatures of the parties involved:

Harvey Brown

Tim Timothy

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