Lease Renewal Document

A lease renewal document is a formal arrangement which is made between a lessor and a lessee to renew an already existing lease arrangement for a property, item or commodity owned by the lessor.  Any such lease renewal document consists of the terms and conditions on the basis of which the parties agree to renew the lease. These terms are legally binding for the involved parties and cannot be violated under any circumstances. Given below is a sample of a lease renewal document which can be referred to for help.

Sample Lease Renewal Document:

This lease renewal document has been made by and between the LESSOR and the LESSEE. This document is made to renew the already existing lease arrangement which was made in respect to the office space rented by LESSOR to LESSEE.

The Lease arrangement was made for a period of 12 months from 1st Jan 2011 to 1st Jan 2012.

The details of the parties are given as follows:

LESSOR name: Mr. Ronald Browning

Contact number: 47209044233

LESSEE name: Mr. Peter Parkinson

Contact number: 4720947204

Details of office space:

Address: S-89, third floor, Jack commercial tower, LA

The commencement date of renewal: 1st Jan 2012

Termination date of lease renewal: 1st Jan 2013

Rental charge per month: $400

Total lease payment: $4800

The following are the terms and conditions of the lease renewal:

  • The LESSOR agrees to renew the lease arrangement for 12 month’s time and all the terms mentioned in the original contract shall remain in effect for the renewed lease.
  • The LESSEE agrees to use the office space only for commercial purpose and not for any other use.
  • The LESSEE agrees to keep the office space maintained and shall pay for its repair and servicing himself.

Both the parties hereby agree to the terms and give their consent as follows:

Ronald Browning

Peter Parkinson

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