Lease Extension Document

A lease extension document is a formal document which is framed or drafted in the case when a lease arrangement formed between a lessor and a lessee is being extended for certain duration of time. Such documents consist of the details of the lease extension such as its terms and conditions, time duration of extension, details of the parties etc. These documents are legally binding for the involved parties and must be abided by in any situation. Given below is a sample of a lease extension document which can be used for the purpose of reference.

Sample Lease Extension Document:

This lease extension document has been made by and between the LESSOR and the LESSEE and is made in respect to the flat space which the LESSOR owns. This Lease extension arrangement takes into consideration all the terms and conditions which were included in the original lease document which was formed on 3rd April 2011 and will be terminated on 3rd April 2012.

The details of the parties are given as follows:

LESSOR name: Mr. Greg Brown

Address: S-90, first floor, Martin square, Toronto, Canada

Contact number: 47209474040

LESSEE Name: Mr. Fred Redding

Contact number: 47323809230

Flat space address: S-78, second floor, Henry Tower, Toronto

The commencement date of lease extension: 3rd April 2012

Termination date of lease extension: 3rd April 2013

Cost of lease per month: $200

Total lease payment: $2400

The following are the terms and conditions of the lease extension arrangement:

  • The LESSOR agrees to extend the lease of the flat and the LESSEE agrees to pay the rent for the flat.
  • The LESSOR agrees to the fact that the lease shall be extended for one more year which starts on the date of termination of the original lease arrangement made between the parties.
  • The LESSEE shall pay for the maintenance and repair or the flat himself during the term of the lease.


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