Lease Documents

Lease documents are made when a party agrees to lease an object or property to another party for a fixed period of time and in return for a certain charge. This document is usually legal in nature and the party which goes against the terms mentioned in the document can be made to face legal actions.

The parties involved in any lease document are known as tenant and landlord in case of property lease, but otherwise the common terms used are ‘lessee’ who is the one who leases from the owner and ‘lessor’ who is the one who agrees to give a lease to the lessee. Most of the times, such documents are drafted with the help of experts or professionals but with the help of internet templates etc, one can also draft lease documents himself.

The following points should be kept in mind to frame a well drafted lease document:

  • The titles of both the parties along with their personal details such as name, address and phone number must be given at the very beginning of the document.
  • Move onto give the details of the lease object or property. In case of object, mention its specifications such as physical attributes etc. While for a property, mention the address, area and other such specifications.
  • The next focus of the lease document must be the terms and conditions which have to be agreed upon by both the parties. These terms should be written after taken professional help preferably.
  • At the end, signatures of the involved parties along with that of the witness should seal the document.

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