Lease Agreement Document

A lease agreement document is one which highlights the terms and conditions governing a lease deal. A lease agreement is effected between two or more parties and the agreement is finalized with the approval of all parties involved. It must be written carefully as it is legally binding and any mistake can lead to legal repercussions.

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Sample Lease Agreement Document

Lease Agreement Document

Download Free Lease Agreement Document

The following document states the terms of the agreement between Robert Jarndyce, of 34 West Avenue, Mapleton Street, New York and Richard Jenkins of Canal Street, New Jersey, signifying the leasing of the former’s [henceforth called the lessor] apartment to the latter [henceforth called the lessee] for the period of ten years starting 12th January 2011 and ending on 12th January 2021. The apartment does not come with furnishings and is currently priced at $100000 at present real estate estimates. Any damage caused to the apartment will be solely paid for by the lessee, if the damage is caused during the period of the lease. The terms and conditions governing the lease agreement are noted in the attachment provided with this copy of the lease agreement.

The lease agreement must be followed with care. All terms and conditions must be read carefully and understood as to the implications. Any breach of contract will be severely penalized. The lessee has paid the initial amount of $40000 as per the verbal agreements and will pay the remaining amount to the lessor over the period of ten years along with the monthly rent of $20000.

Signature of lessor: ____________________

Signature of lessee: _____________________

Signature of advocate: ___________________

Stamp and signature of notary: _________________

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