Lawyer Document Management

Lawyer documents hold mountainous importance in legal suits. Hence, one of the most crucial aspects of legal affairs is the maintenance and management of voluminous stacks of lawyer documents which is known as lawyer document management. Since these documents form the building blocks of all cases, it is extremely important to preserve and manage them in the right way so that they may be easily accessed and used whenever necessary.

Sample Lawyer Document Management

The Susie Mayer versus Leonard Pearson Case

Case no: 1568646

Court: Boston Civil Court

Case type: Petition for mutual divorce with proper settlement of alimony, property and custody of children.

Case status: First hearing took place on June 2, 2012. Result: court adjourned. Case unresolved. Second hearing to take place on July 8, 2012.

Case filed by: Susie Meyer

Grounds: Infidelity and incompatibility.

Prosecutor: Ned Stevenson

Defense Lawyer: Jean Erikson

Lawyer Document Management:

  • The documents bearing the demands of the petitioner has been neatly piled in a separate file and digitized for quick reference during the alimony settlement hearing.
  • The documents recording the petitioner’s complaints and justification for the filing of the divorce have been saved as soft and hard copy in the case files.
  • The evidences proving the petitioner’s accusations are kept in the evidence file.
  • The witnesses’ accounts are all preserved in hard and soft copies to provide valuable insight to the proceedings of the case helping the court to come to a solid resolution regarding child custody.
  • The documents regarding the defense arguments and the evidences produced in support of the defendant’s plea for innocence are maintained neatly in the defendant’s response file for future reference to be considered before pronouncement of judgment.
  • The statements of the child are recorded and preserved as both hard and soft copies so as to be taken into account before the court pronounces its verdict on child custody.

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