Lawyer Agreement Document

A lawyer agreement document is a formal document which is framed between a lawyer and his/her client for the usage of the services of the former. These agreement documents are often used to validate the various important terms and conditions of the lawyer agreement which are legally binding for the parties. Any lawyer agreement document consists of the details of the parties, the fee details to be paid by the client to the lawyer and the terms and conditions of the agreement. Given below is a sample of a lawyer agreement document which can be used by any person for the purpose of reference.

Sample Lawyer Agreement Document:

This lawyer agreement document has been made by and between the LAWYER and CLIENT. This agreement has been made effective as on the date 4th May 2012 and shall remain in effect for 3 years. The termination date of the agreement is 4th May 2015.

Mr. Fred Parkinson who is hereby known as the LAWYER works for London lawyers Inc. and agrees to provide his services to Mr. Tim Fredson, who is hereby known as the CLIENT.

Client details:

Address: D-90, second floor, Martin street, London

Contact number: 4703973505

Lawyer details:

Company name: London Lawyers Inc. London

Contact number: 4703943744

The total payment which the CLIENT shall make to the LAWYER is $200 each month

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The LAWYER hereby agrees to provide his services to the CLIENT on contract basis.
  • The CLIENT agrees to use the services of the LAWYER for diverse issues and cases related to the business of the CLIENT.
  • The LAWYER must extend every type of help or service to the CLIENT as and when the need arises.
  • The CLIENT must pay the outstanding amount to the LAWYER within the first week of each month.


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