Land Lease Document

A land lease document refers to the type of documents which are prepared by the parties involved in a land lease deal to record the details of the agreement they have reached. The document is used to make a record of a various number of details pertaining to the lease such as the details of the involved parties, the relevant details, the details of the land/ property in question, the conditions of the leasing arrangement etc. Any such document consists of the legally binding terms and conditions which have to be followed by both the involved parties for the smooth functioning of the land lease arrangement. Given below is a sample of a land lease document.

Sample Land Lease Document

The following document is being prepared on: 20th May 1989

Subject of the document: Documentation of the land lease arrangement.

Date of beginning the lease: 19th of May 2007

Date of expiry of the lease: 19th May 2012

Details of the lessor

Name: Mr. James Wilkinson

Contact No.: 753-065-111

Correspondence Address: Apartment No. 45, Malory Apartments, Bradford Valley, West London, UK.

Details of the lessee:

Name: Mr. Mason Wilson

Contact No.: 758-437-111

Correspondence Address: Apartment No. 34, Markesan Apartments, Kensington, London, UK.

Details of the Apartment being leased:

Type: Commercial/ Industrial/ Warehousing

Address: Plot No. 443, 3rd street, White chapel, East London, UK.

Terms of the lease:

  • This lease has been issued for a period of 5 years.
  • The payment in reference to the lease must be made on a yearly basis, the amount for which has been decided and agreed upon.
  • The lease may be renewed on expiry if both parties agree to the same.
  • The parties involved are at freedom to alter the terms when the lease is renewed.

Signatures of the parties:

James Wilkinson

Mason Wilson

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