Land Agreement Document

A land agreement puts forth the terms and conditions that define the agreement of lending or selling a certain tract of land to either a company or an individual, by some organization or an individual as well. Such a document can be prepared for any sort of contract involving land and associated services. The presentation should hence be such that all the particulars are clearly accounted for and made understandable to every party related to the land.

Sample Land Agreement Document:

Land Agreement Document

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This document is legally defined as a land agreement document that has been acted upon between two parties from this very day, the 6th of May, 2011. The parties involved are:

  • Mr. Jason Roger [owner]
  • Mr. Steve Peterson [buyer]

Address of owner: 99/B, Loudon Street, New Jersey

Address of buyer: 19P/II, Lincoln Avenue, New Jersey

Owner’s contact details: 00 1 – 301 – 72817181

Buyer’s contact number: 00 1 – 301 – 89291328

Land agreement document signed on: 6th May, 2011

Validity of land agreement document: 5 years [6th May, 2011 – 6th May, 2016]

Details of the land:

  • Address: 45, 46 and 47, Jonathan Estate [East], New Jersey
  • Total area of land: 29500 acres
  • Costs involved: $87500000
  • Provisions: Proper water system, electricity, and transportation facilities are well developed in this region.
  • Security: The land and the adjoining areas are completely secured for family life and also material property.

Initial payment: $37550000

The remaining amount will be paid in installments over the respective time period for which the agreement contract remains valid.

The land agreement document has been finalized after due consideration of the condition that all clauses have been thoroughly read and understood by both the involved parties and the regulations will be strictly followed, failing to maintain which the issue will be considered as a “breach of agreement” and necessary legal actions and penalties will be meted out to the guilty.

_________________________ [signature of owner]

_________________________ [signature of buyer]

_________________________ [signature of advocate]

Date: 6th May, 2011                                                                              Place: New Jersey

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