Joint Venture Contract Document

A joint venture contract document is one which highlights the important aspects of a joint venture investment contract. Since it is a document with legal import, it must be carefully written and assimilated. There should be no mistakes and every crucial aspect must be looked into. The joint venture contract must include details of investment as well as profit sharing in a clear and unambiguous manner.

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Sample Joint Venture Contract Document:

Joint Venture Contract Document

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The following is the joint venture contract document between James Massey of Massey Construction Pvt. Ltd. [henceforth referred to as investor A] and Simon Tudor of Synergy Supplies [henceforth referred to as investor B]. The following details are to be noted:

  • The duration of the joint venture contract is two years
  • The date of commencement of the joint venture contract is 12th July 2011 and the date of termination is 12th July 2013.
  • The joint venture contract is valid only for a particular project initiated by A, called the “Sunflower Valley Development Project”, which aims at setting up a complex of residential apartments in Boston.
  • The initial amount of capital that investors A and B shall bring to the table is 2 billion USD each.
  • The profit shall be shared equally by both investors.
  • Only the profit of the said project shall fall under the purview of this joint venture contract document.
  • All terms and conditions must be carefully adhered to. They should be read and understood by all concerned in the joint venture contract.

Signature of investor A: _________________________

Signature of investor B: __________________________

Signature of advocate: __________________________

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