IT Project Proposal Document

An IT project proposal document is one which contains various suggestions to improve the IT infrastructure of a company or an institution. This is the result of a survey conducted by professional IT companies and agencies, and the suggestions provided must be incorporated by the client company for their betterment.

Sample IT Project Proposal Document

IT project proposal document submitted on: 1st June 2012

IT project proposal document submitted by: JS IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

IT project proposal document submitted on behalf of: University of Genoa

Purpose of the IT project proposal document:

  • To prepare a report after a complete survey of the existing IT infrastructure of the university.
  • To try and increase interdepartmental IT access as part of the opening out of knowledge and resources program which the university is embarking on.
  • To advice and train employees with basic IT knowledge so that they can maintain and perpetuate the IT changes that will be suggested and incorporated by the university authorities.
  • To create a precedent of such a kind of IT project proposal document which can then be placed in the public domain and which can be used by other universities and educational institutions in the future. This is the first of its kind, and should propagate many more analyses of this nature.

Salient features of T project proposal document:

  • There is a proposal to create an integrated network of computers and computer banks which will increase accessibility of the student and professors.
  • This will be an interdepartmental phenomenon and latest research, cutting edge reference material and JSTOR access shall enhance the IT configuration of the university.
  • The employees of the universities, especially the librarians, will be trained through special workshops and seminars to constantly upgrade their IT expertise and to handle small and localized problems on their own.

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