Investment Contract Document

An investment contract document is one which highlights the terms and conditions governing an investment move. It is e legal document and must be written keeping the conclusions of that in mind. It must be very specific and provide information that is absolutely factually accurate. Every effort should be made to ensure that the document addresses the concerns of both individuals and organizations who are involved in the investment deal.

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Sample Investment Contract Document:

Investment Contract Document

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The following is the investment contract between Sir Laurelton Andrews of Gold Mine Inc. [henceforth referred to as company A] and Mr. James Simpson of Gems Unlimited Pvt. Ltd. [henceforth referred to as company B]. The following particulars about the investment contract document must be noted:

Outline of Investment Contract:

  • A shall invest in B’s enterprise for a period of two years. A shall bring in capital amounting to a maximum limit of 5 billion USD, which shall be distributed over the duration of these two years.
  • After the initial investment period of two years, A shall attain 20 percent of the stake hold in B through the means of stocks and bonds. They shall also receive 45 percent of the profits reaped by B.


  • Date of commencement of investment contract: 2nd July 2011
  • Date of termination of investment period: 2nd July 2013

Terms and conditions:

  • The investment contract is binding for the period of two years. The profit sharing contract [to be framed later] shall also be binding.
  • In case of dissolution of contract, the matter shall be appealed to the New York Session Court.

Signature of A: _______________________

Signature of B: ________________________

Signature of advocate: __________________

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