International Travel Document

An international travel document is one which serves as a legal support to the eligibility and right of a person who wishes to travel abroad. It is issued in the form of a passport to travel anywhere outside the country. Usually such documents are issued for a fixed time after which it stands invalid. Thus the document should stipulate the bearer’s travel specifications.

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Sample International Travel Document

International Travel Document

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Name of the authority: Los Angeles Passport Agency                  PHOTO OF THE BEARER:

Passport number: 47303720                                                           SEVIS NUMBER: 4733840

Bearer’s surname: Cohen

Bearer’s name: Paul

Date of birth: 9th October, 1989

Country of birth: United States of America

Country of citizenship: United States of America

Grounds of application: This visa has been issued as an international travel document for the bearer to travel across borders for educational purpose, here in the context of an interview call from an international university in Canada.

Class of visa: Student

Date of commencement of visa validity: 4th August, 2010

Date of expiry of visa validity: 4th August, 2015

Name of school: Oregon State University

Level of education completed by bearer: Bachelors

Level of education to be pursued by bearer: Masters

Field of specialization: Psychology

Course of education: 51 months

Duration of course: 6th September, 2010 to 10th December, 2014

Academic cost for a term of 12 months: $12,000 [Tuition fees] + $4000 [Laboratory fees] + $1000 [Library and internet service fees] = $17,000 [Total fees]

Signature of immigration officer: Levis Pitman

Signature of student: Paul Cohen

Signature of guardian: Jennifer Cohen

Address: 90, Tracey Garden, US

Issue Date: 1st August, 2010

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