International Contract Document

An international contract document is one which highlights the principles governing an international transaction. It must be very clear and precise. Since the scope or scale of an international business transaction will be large, care should be taken to avoid mistakes, and to create a tight and fool proof document that will represent the interests of both parties. Also, it is a legal document and must be given the respect it deserves.

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Sample International Contract Document:

International Contract Document

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The following document is an international contract document agreed on between James Marsiglio of Farm Fresh Inc. [based in Italy and henceforth referred to as partner 1] and Diana Button of Authentic Italian Restaurant [based in Britain and henceforth referred to as partner 2] regarding the supply of mushrooms by the former to the latter. The duration of the contract is for two years. The dates of commencement and termination are 12th June 2011 and 2013 respectively. The international contract document [number 364465] has been drawn up after consultations between both partners 1 and 2. The conditions mentioned herein have been agreed to by both.

Partner 1 shall supply fresh mushrooms to partner B. these shall mainly include farm produce like button mushrooms, Italian brown mushrooms, pioppini mushrooms and the like. Exotic and more expensive items like truffles shall be sourced when necessary. The payments that will be made have been outlined in the document attached along with the international contract document. In case of any dispute, the matter shall be settled in the Sessions Court of London.

Signature of partner 1: _____________________

Signature of partner 2:_____________________

Signature of advocate of partner 1: _______________

Signature of advocate of partner 2: __________________

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