Intellectual Property Agreement Document

An intellectual property agreement document is generally prepared in a way so as to outline all details of the contract wherein one gives total consent to display his/ her intellect in the form of certain project, development, invention, research work, planning, designing ideas and methodologies or any sort of such an initiative that would be provided especially for and in the name of some particular company, in return of a certain sum of money, for a given time span of the contract.

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Sample Intellectual Property Agreement Document:

Intellectual Property Agreement Document

Download Free Intellectual Property Agreement Document

I, George M. Stewart, henceforth referred to as the owner, state in this intellectual property agreement document that I will contribute with all my heart and soul to the development of the renowned software company Techno Software Pvt. Ltd., and will solely be a part of their business procedure, research and developmental projects, and will legally transfer all documents, rights, title and copyright to the company and take all necessary actions as and when necessary.

All clauses stated herein have been thoroughly read and understood and any deviation from the set terms and conditions will be considered as a “breach of contract” and the offender will be penalized by the law of the state.

Name of the individual: George Matthew Stewart

Age: 37 years

Address: 91-B, Park Road, London

Contact number: 00 44 – 20 – 382912187

Name of the company: Techno Software Pvt. Ltd

Address: 77, Lenin Street, London

Contact details: 00 44 – 20 – 7483619367 [website address]

Date of commencement of agreement: 18th January, 2011

Date of termination of agreement: 20th January, 2012

Amount to be paid to G.M.Stewart: $29826500

Last date of payment: 17th March, 2011

  • The said individual should not claim any right to the intellectual property during the term of contract or even one year later.
  • All material and financial inputs are to be provided by the company.
  • Identity and residential proofs are to be presented by all, and also the company license.


[Signature of G. M. Stewart]


[Stamp or seal of company]


[Signature of representative official]


[Advocate’s signature]


[Signature of witness]

Date: 18.01.2011                                                                                                     Place: London

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