Instructional Design Document

An instructional design document [IDD] is one which is designed by a course coordinator in formulating his or her TEL course, that is, Technological Enabled Learning course. It outlines the course modules, schedules, and course structures for the benefit of the learners and must be written in an organized and easily accessible manner.

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Sample Instructional Design Document

Instructional Design Document

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Name of course: Advanced English Speaking Course for Students.

Course conducted by: TEFL ‘English for All’ Pvt. Ltd.

Duration of course: 6 months

Nature of course:

  • This course is designed for students whose first language is not English.
  • The modules of the course are designed in a manner which is suitable for non-native speakers of English.
  • This course will be mainly conducted through the mailing of course materials to students, upon paying the requisite course fees. It will also include a three real time classes per week, which will be conducted using Skype.

Course outline:

Month 1: Beginner’s Guide to the language.

Month 2: A brief history of the language, along with progress in basic grammar.

First assessment: To be conducted online.

Month 3: Progress to basic rhetorical uses of the language. The candidate’s skills in writing short verses and organizing arguments will be tested.

Month 4: Progress to mode advanced uses of the language. Students will be expected to be able to construct well reasoned arguments in English using adequate vocabulary.

Second assessment: To be conducted online

Month 5: Final stages of the course, advanced usage of the language.

Month 6: Candidates will be expected to master the art of speaking correct English.

Last Assessment: Will be conducted online in presence of notable faculty members of our organization.

Certificates will be provided

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