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Informatica Corporation is a company known for developing computer tools for effective data management. Some of the noteworthy products designed by them are Data Quality, BRB, and Master Data Management etc. Hence, Informatica design document is used for presenting the design specification of an Informatica product, prerequisites needed for designing a software etc.

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Informatica Design Document

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Document on Designing Data Quality Management Presented by Informatica

Date of presenting the document: 5th November 2011


Poor data management can cost a huge amount of money every year for the business. It hampers the supply chain and can cause inferior relationship with the customers or clients. Data is an important business asset which is to be managed and maintained in an organized form in order to avoid its loss.

It highly requires quality infrastructure so that the data owners could also be benefitted by having an organized maintenance of their important database.

These benefits include:

  • Outstanding customer services.
  • Saving of data management cost
  • Streamlining the management of supply chain.


Achieving high level from every kind of data management software is not always possible. Therefore, Informatica comprehensively would provide the solution designing its latest product called “DATA QUALITY MANAGEMENT”.  This software will provide stand-alone performance for providing data management and quality maintaining solutions to the data owners. Even this particular product would run on Velocity Methodology which is one of the important interfaces provided by Informatica which handles many aspects of data management efficiently, irrespective of the data load.

Duration of designing: Depends on scope

Informatica Professional Engaged: Developer, Senior Consultant, Technical Associates

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