House Lease Document

A house lease document is a document which is used to lay down the details of a house lease arrangement made between a lessee and a lessor. These documents are formal in nature and are used to validate the various mutual agreement points between the involved parties. A house lease document can have details such as location of house to be leased, rent per month, time period of lease, covenants and promises etc. The importance of such house lease documents lies in the fact that they can act as reference documents during the course of the agreement and for resolving disputes between the parties. Given below is a sample of a house lease document.

Sample House Lease Document:

Name of House owner: Mr. Tim Frost

Contact number of house owner: 4732094793

Name of lessee: Mr. Greg White

Contact number of house owner: 4703294709

Location/address of house to be leased: 34-P, Bob enclave, modern street, London

Registration of house number: 45/M

Date of lease commencement: 19th July 2012

Length of lease: 12 months

Termination date of lease: 19th July 2013

Name of broker: Mr. Peter Pettigrew

Rent amount per month: $2000

Total rent: $24000

Main Points of House lease arrangement:

  • The house is leased only for non commercial purposes.
  • The house lease cannot be terminated unless the lessee fails to abide by any of the conditions that the house owner has set or in case of overdue rent for a period of 6 months.
  • The house owner has agreed to provide basic amenities such as water supply, electricity, internet connection and fire safety to the lessee for the term of lease.
  • The lessee is entitled to make the rent payment within the first week of each month.

Signatures of parties:

Tim Frost

Greg White

Signature of witness:

Henry Black

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