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Historical documents are those documents which contain information and details about a historical event, person or place that holds importance. Many such documents are being discovered each day and hold much importance due to the fact that they give information about the past and help us to learn about history. To preserve historical documents, the concerned authorities put them up in museums or galleries so as to showcase them on a public platform.

The popular or famous historical documents are generally laws, summaries of battles and letters written in the past eras. They help archaeologists and historians to learn about how society functioned and come to certain conclusions. These documents also teach us about historic languages and how they have gradually transformed through the years.

Historical documents also consist of many pictures, newspapers, medical records and contracts. These are valuable because of the fact that many times what technology fails to teach us but these documents help us to learn how our ancestors functioned on every day basis. There are many people working on preserving important documents of the present era in order to pass them down generations so that the future could know how their ancestors lived and how society changes.

There are certain departments who solely work on the preservation techniques which shall help us to preserve documents and keep them alive with the passage of time. These techniques shall help us to print documents in a way that shall increase the span of livelihood. There are time capsules which are being made to store historical documents.

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