Historical Document Template

Historical document template is a paper work which documents a report based on a historical account. A historical document is a body of historical facts, treaties, decisions and events that are used by historians and archaeologists in particular. It must be written with due care as it carries important information which, if inaccurate, can distort the findings of the studies conducted by professionals.

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Sample Historical Document Template

Historical Document Template

Download Free Historical Document Template

Name of the historical event: _____________________________________ [Give the title of the historical account like the name of the war, annexation, marriage or alliance]

Historical report created by: __________________________________ [Provide the name of the compiler of the report]

Historical project commissioned by: ________________________________ [Mention the name of the archaeological company sponsoring the historical project]

Nature of the historical project: ____________________________________ [Give details of the research findings]

Estimated time of completion of project: ________________________ [Provide the tentative time within which the project will be completed]

Current updates about the historical project:

  • Update 1: ________________________________
  • Update 2: ________________________________ [Mention the current status of the project including any notable developments achieved in the process]

Purpose of the project:

  • Purpose 1: ______________________________
  • Purpose 2:_______________________________[Enumerate the purposes of the operation undertaken]

Factors to be considered while creating the blueprint:

  • The time and place of the event: ____________________________________
  • Location where the event has taken place: ____________________________
  • Names and identities of the people involved in the event: _________________
  • Background or the political scenario: _________________________________
  • Significance of the event: _________________________________________ [State the importance of the historical event]

Signature of the archaeological department head: ____________________________

Date of issue: ____________________

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