Historical Analysis Document

A historical analysis document is a document which is framed to record the details of the analysis conducted by a group or historical organisation. These documents are generally used to jot down the changes which have been observed by the organisation in a particular historical site or document. Historical analysis documents are also used to report changes in culture or any other historical entity. These documents are formal in nature and are submitted to higher authorities for evaluation or record purpose. Given below is a sample of a historical analysis document which can be referred to by any person.

Sample Historical Analysis Document:

Name of organisation: London archaeological centre

Location/address of the organisation: F-90, potter’s tower, London

Name of head archaeologist: Fred Gregory

Name of project:  Historical analysis of the archaeological site The Rose (theatre)

Names of team members working on the project: Bill White, Darwin Armstrong, Lesley Washington, Peter Roubick

Period of analysis: 23rd July 2012-28th Jan 2013

Historical data of the Rose theatre:

  • The Rose was built in 1587 by Philip Henslowe and John Cholmley.
  • The Rose contained rose gardens and also two buildings earlier in 1587 when it was built.
  • The remains of this theatre were in trouble due to the building development.
  • The Rose was handed over to government and archaeologists for conservation and restoration.
  • In 1999, the site was opened for the public. Till date, restoration work is on.

Report of analysis:

  • Restoration work has been helpful in conserving the historical site but some of the remains are still not in proper condition.
  • The excavation has resulted in many findings about pre historic condition of the Rose theatre.

Signature of head archaeologist:

Fred Gregory

Signature of Head authority representative:

Mark Kelly

Date of submission of report: 30th Jan 2013

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