Guidelines for Writing Effective Documents

An effective document is one, which is able to communicate the required information to the reader in a user friendly manner, meeting their needs. By using guidelines for writing effective documents, you will be able to produce a high quality document.


You should always plan before beginning to write the document. You should have clear understanding about the purpose of your writing. This helps you to stay focused throughout the writing process and ensures that you achieve the specific goal of the document. Target audience is an important consideration to make. When you know who your readers are, you can determine the style of your writing and decide whether to keep it straightforward or detailed.


Organization of content is very important to produce a good document. Ensure that you have the right layout and format. Inappropriate or unclear organization can make the readers to lose interest. It should be organized in an inviting manner. Sections should be grouped logically, so that the readers can easily identify the relative topics. Paragraphs should be brief and centered on one main point, within the sections.


You must ensure that all the content of your document is factually correct. Include only what you know is correct and do your research to obtain the right facts. Also remember that the information should be up-to date. You can take the help of statistical reports to identify latest information. Contact the field professionals or experts, to get more information.


The type of words or sentence you choose to write must be able to reflect the needs of your targeted audience. The Information provided has to be clear and easy for the readers to understand. Your language and form of expression should be short, simple and to the point. Use of typical terminology, complicated sentence structures and profound ideas may be suitable for sophisticated audience, but such usage can lower the chances of publication.


Your writing style should be able to spark an interest in the readers. Try to use varying words or sentences in your document. Sentences should be structured in such a way that readers show strong enthusiasm and proceed with the same, till the end. Avoid repeating same words and clauses in the document. You may use both active and passive forms of constructions.


Perspective that you decide to use for your readers should match with the goal of the document. Decide on the appropriate person for your writing. The point of view of person i.e., first person or second person or third, will again depend on the target audience. It’s better not to mix first and third persons and maintain a consistent tone, throughout the document.

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