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A free legal document is one that contains relevant details of some particular legal article or a file, which is made available for free to all. The document thus comes free of cost, without compromising with the quality, standard of writing and presentation, and the important aspects that need to be included therein. This type of a document should thus be designed very carefully so as to contain all relevant details and legal prospects should all be stated in clear and understandable terms.

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Free Legal Document

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Marriage Certificate Document

This is to inform all that I, Mark Anthony Robert, of 27 years of age and a Computer Engineer by profession, residing at 15, Park Road, London, have decided to legally tie the knot with Miss Kelly Rogers, of 24 years, daughter of Mr. Leslie Rogers and Mrs. Emily Rogers, residing at 77, Lee Road, London, and a Fashion Designer by profession. The date for marriage has been decided upon as on the 15th of March, 2012 while the engagement will have been done by the 15th day of December, 2011.

The details of the wedding date, venue, time and other program particulars and those of the Church services have all been provided along with this document, and whoever refers to this free legal document should also go through them, for complete information and presentation of required facts.

I promise to swear by the rules of the institution of marriage and respect the very idea from heart and soul, thereby promising to take up all responsibilities of my would-be wife and bring up a healthy family. I would also follow all the rules of the State and act accordingly.

Thanking You,

Mark Anthony Robert

___________________ [signature]


[Signature of bride]


[Parent/ Guardian’s signature]


[Signature of marriage advocate]

Date: 12th November, 2011                                                           Place: 16, Peter Avenue, London

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