Franchise Agreement Document

A franchise agreement document is a legal article which defines the franchising rights given to a franchisee by the franchisor to carry the logo and protect the trademark of the franchisor.  It lays the standard requirements that the franchisee has to meet and follow in order to pull of the business successfully. Thus the document must include the business terms.

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Sample Franchise Agreement Document

Franchise Agreement Document

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Franchise agreement number: FR048303

This franchise agreement is agreed between Swirl Ice-cream Company (franchisor in this context) and Mr. David Lemon (franchisee in this context) owing to which the franchisor has given license to the franchisee to set up and operate its business.

Nature of business: Ice-creams belonging to various flavours including chocolate, vanilla, black-current, strawberry and lemon flavours will be made and sold (guided by the company’s recipe).

Geographical area of franchise business: The ice-cream parlour shall be opened at 7, Peninsular Road.

Purpose of franchising: The franchisor intends to open more outlets along the circumference of the city through reliable franchisees that would be able to respect the franchisor’s standard of service.

Terms and conditions:

  • The design and management policies of the franchisee will be predetermined by the franchisor and the franchisee will have to hold on to them.
  • The store premises will be confined to the location specified by the franchisor and the business territory shall not exceed the said limit.
  • The franchisee shall have the right to sell other food products like nuts, sauce, crème and other garnishing items for ice-creams.


Peter Bake (Franchisor)

David Lemon (Franchisee)


8th September, 2011

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