Financial Strategy Document

Financial strategy document lists all the main financial principles and philosophies that form the base of the financial planning in a company. It identifies the limitations to ensure that the principles are followed religiously. These are reviewed by the management. The main purpose of the financing strategy is to make sure that the core work is maintained and continued. It also ensures the financial resources are utilized efficiently.

Sample Financial Strategy Document

Company Name: Nathan Enterprise

Established on: 9th June, 1995

Financial Document prepared by: Henry Mack Brow

Document prepared as on: 17th January, 2012


  • The document has been mainly prepared to provide a clear direction on the use, allocation and management of the financial resources of the company in the coming years.
  • The document can further be assessed to ensure that the all the departments are working towards the achieving the same financial objectives.

Financial Strategy

  • Capital Strategy

The company has adopted an approach where the capital investment decisions will not have their impact on the tax levels of the company. This establishes a framework for funding and prioritizing capital expenditure needs.

  • Treasury Management Strategy

This policy lays emphasis on how the company wants to invest its financial resources and the attitude towards risk. The policy sets the approach for managing its investments, balancing the risk, cash flow management and return on its investment.

  • Medium Term Financial Plan

This sets a very high level expenditure plans for over the next 5 years, the assumptions highlights the major risks faced, with the sensitivity analysis. This is reviewed and revised annually and provides the stage for the detailed revenue estimation process.

  • Term Financial Plan

This set out the expenditure plan of the company on the assumptions based on the risks faced, along with analysis of the sensitivities in achieving the goals. This policy is reviewed from time to time and provides the platform for the detailed and explained revenue estimation process.

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