Financial Statement Document

The financial statement document is a formal document that records all financial activities of a person or business firm. This document must contain a statement of the current financial status, of annual income and of the different cash in flows and outflows that occur in the given time period. For business firms, this can be complicated and hence, a financial expert is best suited to draft the financial statement. This type of document is very integral to the internal workings of a business firm.

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Sample Financial Statement Document:

Financial Statement Document

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Name: Allen Parker

Social Security No.: 123-48-790

Address: 12, Woodland Greens, New York

Objective of Financial Statement: Allen Parker requires keeping tract of the annual purchases and incomes made and ensure his credit worthiness to the bank. The financial Statement is also necessary for acquiring financial assistance from the bank.

Total Annual Income for the year 2011: $ 1,23,4560

Assets for the year 2011:

  • Cash (in Bank): $120,000
  • Life Insurance: $ 90,000
  • Stocks and Bonds: $ 64,000

Liabilities for the year 2011:

  • Credit Card payments: $13,000
  • Mortgage Payments: $23,000
  • Cash due to bank: $100,000
  • Income Tax owing: $10,000
  • Installment Payment Obligations: $15,000

Expected Income for the year 2011:

Allen Parker is expected to receive a certain amount of income from the following:

  • Real Estate Investment: $12,340
  • Mutual Fund investment returns: $ 4,500
  • Stocks and Bonds: $32,000
  • Contracts and Mortgages owned: $5,000
  • Other Insurance policies: $2,300
  • Rent from leased property: $ 4,000

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