Financial Planning Document

The financial planning document records the step by step financial plan that will be carried out by an individual or a financial institution to support smooth function of their operation. This document is also essential to ensure an organized approach to the financial activities to be carried on. The financial planning document records the numerous expenses to be incurred and records investment plans to maximize savings. It even helps the business organization to manage and keep check on their finances as well.

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Sample Financial Planning Document:

Financial Planning Document

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Company name: Doberman and Sons Technologies Ltd

Financial Year: March 2011- April 2012

Annual Budget: $ 1 million

Financial Planning document created by: Foreman Finances Co.

Purpose of Financial Document:

Doberman and Sons Technologies Ltd is a newly emergent software company and have hired Foreman Finances Co to draft their financial plan for the current business year:

  • This document will keep track of both cash in flow and out flow.
  • The budget created must adhere to both the cash flow movements.
  • The expected profit or loss is also to be calculated in this document.

Expected Annual Cash Inflow:

  • Payment and commissions from client’s purchasing the company’s services: $600,000
  • Bonuses and Investment income received from company shares: $300,000
  • Property lease income: $ 50,000
  • Other income: $ 400,000

Expected Cash Outflow:

  • Salary of Employees: $200,000
  • Purchases of services and commodities: $500,000
  • Payments due: $ 100,000
  • Rental of certain properties and equipment: $ 50,000

Expected Profit for the financial year of 2011-12: $ 400,000

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