Financial Aid Document

The financial aid document is an essential document that is created for the purpose of requesting monetary aid. This document is created for business, academic and personal reasons.  Thus, a financial document jots down the important reasons as to why the financial aid is required. It is always best to get professional help for drafting the financial aid document as this kind of official paperwork do seek perfection and utmost precision to execute.

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Sample Financial Aid Document:

Financial Aid Document

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Government Financial Aid for Higher Education

Name: Amy Ryand

Date of birth: 8/9/1989

Institute for higher studies: Post graduation in School of Cultural and Anthropological Studies, Texas

Current Financial Status:

  • The yearly income of the Ryand household is $200,000.
  • The family constitutes of 8 members in total with Mr. Matthews Ryand being the only one earning to support the family.
  • Amy Ryand has been working part time at a family chain restaurant and earns $50 per week.

Purpose of Financial Aid:

  • Amy Ryand is a model student who has topped her school, Springfield High, with the highest GSC scores for the year 2008.
  • Amy Ryand has won the Kennedy scholarship for her graduation course in Anthropology.
  • Her current financial situation cannot support her post graduation course and therefore, requests financial support for $24,560 which will cover the tuition fee and boarding cost for the School of Cultural and Anthropological Studies.

Documents attached: 1. Income Tax Form; 2. Income Tax Return; 3. Student’s driver’s license and identity card; 4. Student’s medical records.

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