Financial Agreement Document

A financial agreement document is actually a record of all the terms and conditions that form part of some particular financial agreement, which may be signed between two companies or business firms or between any such organization and an individual. This type of an agreement document should necessarily have an official approach and should be framed carefully such that it contains all legal points and is made understandable to all.

Sample Financial Agreement Document:

Financial Agreement Document

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Subject: Financial agreement document between Kristen Sweets Pvt. Ltd. and U.S Finance Company

This financial agreement document has been brought into effect on the 17th day of June, 2011 to analyze and determine the various financial conditions and aspects of the Kirsten Sweets Pvt. Ltd., a major industry producing sweets and such products in the United States of America, with due support from the renowned financial organization U.S Finance Company.

Nature of the agreement: The Kirsten Sweets Pvt. Ltd. has approached the U.S Finance Company officially to look after the finance department and its proceedings and provide necessary advice as and when required for the financial development of the company.

Purpose: The basic objective behind signing this financial agreement document is to give the responsibility of managing the finances of a huge enterprise to a financial company where capital will be safe and investments profitable.

Current financial status:

  • Total cost of products and raw materials: $560000
  • Total sales: $23700000
  • Expenditure: $300000
  • Shares: $1330000
  • Liability to creditors: $23000

The financial agreement document has been signed under the major condition that the financial strengths and weaknesses of the company will be indentified and necessary steps taken accordingly.

_______________________________ [Signature of the COM of Kirsten Sweets Pvt. Ltd.]

_______________________________ [Managing Director of U.S Finance Company]

_______________________________ [Signature of witness 1]

_______________________________ [Signature of witness 2]

Date: 17.06.2011                                                                                      Place: New York

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