Family Trust Document

A family trust document is basically a record of the trust arrangement that has been made for a certain family trust. A family trust is a trust which is created to place all of a family’s or the creators financial or any material assets to be distributed amongst the listed beneficiaries. It is established by one of the family members to the benefit of the whole family as a group.

Sample Family Trust Document

Declaration of the trust: Mr. Henry Hansen and Mrs. Julie Hansen of Dallas, (the trustee or the settlers of the trust), hold assets in this trust, to be managed as per the rules specified in the document.

Name of the trust: The trust shall be known as The Hansen Family Trust.

Name of the trustee: Mr. Henry Hansen and Mrs. Julie Hansen

Names of the beneficiaries of the trust: Mr. Henry Hansen

Mrs. Julie Hansen

Mr. John Hansen

Mr. Jack Hansen

Ms. Hailey Hansen

Mrs. Karen Leaker

The estate of the Trust: Any and all property put into this trust before or after the formation of the trust shall be referred to as trust estate.

The rules of amendments and management of the trust:

  • Both the trustees have the right to revoke or terminate the trust.
  • Any amends to the trust shall be allowed if all the trustees agree jointly.
  • In case of demise of one of the trustees, the surviving trustee is allowed to revoke, terminate or amend the trust.
  • The trustees shall be allowed to carry on investments or manage the assets to the benefit of the beneficiaries.

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