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An export contract document is prepared for stating all clauses of the contract wherein an export deal is involved. This type of a document should involve all necessary details without which the transfer of goods out of the national boundary might be a problem. The document should thus clearly state all terms and conditions of the contract, and its validity period, so as to avoid any sort of complications that might occur in an export contract.

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Sample Export Contract Document:

Export Contract Document

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This export contract document is being prepared to declare the contract signed between M/s Green Corps Pvt. Ltd and Yamaha Companies, under full consideration of legal terms and approval by both parties. The contract has been dated on the 15th day of September, 2011 and will remain valid for a term of five years.

Nature of contract: This contract agreement will, from this very day onwards, make the verbal deal between the companies legal. M/s Green Corps Pvt. Ltd, a fertilizer manufacturing company, will supply green fertilizers and bio-pesticides to Yamaha Companies, retailer of agricultural chemicals, on a regular interval.

The following are the particulars of the contract:

Date of commencement of contract: 15th September, 2011

Date of termination of contract: 15th September, 2016

Time period of validity of contract: Five [5] years

Contract details:

  • The manufacturer has to supply authentic products to the retailer company. Considering the importance of these natural products that are to be delivered for agricultural use, it must be carefully noted that fertilizer and pesticides of the best natural ingredients are provided.
  • The green fertilizers and bio-pesticides should never record of any hidden ingredients, which may not be environment-friendly. In such cases, it will be considered as a “breach of contract” and legal actions will be taken against the offender party.
  • Any other financial or material discrepancies and/ or deviation from contract clauses will also be considered as a breach of contract and penalties may result in fines and/ or imprisonment.

Initial payment: $38500

Final payment: $16750

_______________________________ [Signature of manufacturing company representative]

_______________________________ [Signature of retail agent]

_______________________________ [Signature of witness]

_______________________________ [Signature of advocate]

Date: 15.09.2011                                                                                                Place: New Jersey

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