Expedited Travel Document

A travel document is a document that is issued by the government of a country and it is required when an individual is visiting a certain country or sometimes need to exit a certain country. In case there is a situation that an individual has to visit or leave a country urgently and has not got the time to apply for the required travel document, he needs to apply for a document which is known as an expedited travel document. The expedited travel document is prepared at a short notice and after the applicant gets the document he can exit or enter the country as soon as possible.

Sample Expedited Travel Document

Action block: ________________

Receipt: _____________

Document issued:

Reentry permits                         Refugee travel document                      Multiple advance parole

Valid till: __________________

Personal information:

Name of the applicant: John Mayo

Permanent residential address: High Rise Apartment, 43 Tango Charlie Street. New York, New Jersey 5678

Contact number: 45789

Nationality: American

Date of birth: 21st of June 1978

Visiting country: United Kingdom

Exiting country: United States of America

Gender (tick on the appropriate option):  Male     Female

Country of birth: United States of America

Social security number: 459087

Application type: (choose the appropriate one)

  • I am a permanent resident of U.S.A.
  • I am applying for a reentry permit
  • I am applying for an exit permit
  • I am outside U.S.A. and applying for a parole

Signature of the person preparing the document:


I certify that the information mentioned by me above is accurate.

Signature of the applicant:


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