Employment Contract Document

An employment contract document is a document which outlines the terms and conditions, as well as employment details, of an employment process. It is a document which is drawn up at the time of the employment of a candidate and is presented for his perusal. It must be carefully written and all terms and conditions must be clearly mentioned in the employment contract itself.

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Sample Employment Contract Document

Employment Contract Document

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The following is the employment contract presented by G.G. Norton Pvt. Ltd. to Mr. Ralph Meyers, detailing the nature of his employment in their company and the terms and conditions of the same. Mr. Ralph Meyers will be hired as per our board of recruitment decisions as the assistant copy editor in our company. The following pointes must be noted carefully:

  • The date of commencement of his employment is 4th August 2011.
  • This contract is for a probationary employment period of one year from the date of contract commencement.
  • After the end of this period of probation, the contract will be renewed and the employee shall be given the status of “permanent” employee after a committee has reviewed his performance in the interim year.
  • The decision of the review committee will be final and binding. No arguments will be brooked with regards to that.
  • The salary offered to Mr. Ralph Meyers will be $200 for the period of one year, following which, upon being granted permanent status, his salary will be renegotiated.

Signature of director of board of recruitments, G. G. Norton: ________________________

Signature of Mr. Ralph Meyers: ___________________________

Date: 3rd august 2011

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