Email Marketing Document

With the advancement of technologies, people realized the power internet holds in influencing our lifestyle choices. Hence, email has now become a powerful tool to market one’s products in a way that it reaches a larger audience in a cost effective way. Email marketing document is the tool through which an organization may promote its products through chain emails thereby acquainting customers with their products and boosting sales.

 Sample Email Marketing Document

Name of the company: Roland Watches

Company history: Roland Watches is a Nebraska based company that manufactures and sells watches. Established in the year 2000, the company has its own line of products that have earned it a brand name of its own. The company is known for its high quality products that are durable, reliable and fashionable. The company is benched by a team of extremely efficient staffs and is popular for its fresh and original designs that have something for people of every age and generation.

Name of the product: Gen Y watches collection

Product description: Roland Watches brings to you its latest collection of Gen Y watches aimed to make you look cooler and fashionable. The collection comprises of a range of unisex watches with cutting edge designs, vibrant colors and suave styles that might suit your every mood and every occasion. The products are designed specifically keeping in mind the needs and tastes of the new generation and that best capture the pulse of this generation. The products come with a promise of excellent servicing and represent the same promise of quality that the brand endorses.

Product launch: The company has decided to launch its latest collection of Gen Y watches on the New Year’s Eve as that is the time when the significance of ‘time’ in man’s life becomes the most profound.

Price: The Gen Y watches collection come in extremely affordable prices. The price band for the products is fixed to be within the range of 16-30$

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