Divorce Settlement Document

Divorce settlement document pertains to the mutual agreement between husband and wife regarding the issues of settlement of assets and debts between them, including child custody and care. This document contains all the clauses regarding the settlement of property which both the parties agreed to after negotiations and mutual agreement. The agreement is made by the approval of both husband and wife with the advice of their lawyers.


Divorce settlement

Name of husband: Mr. John Mosby

Name of wife: Mrs. Allison Mosby

Husband and wife married on 2 February 1982, at the state of California, US. Both the parties agree on the following terms of settlement regarding their divorce.

Terms and conditions:

  • Husband and wife with the mutual agreement of each other assent to the proper division of all their properties, houses and factories.
  • Husband agrees to pay the wife alimony of $30,000.
  • Due to the mutual assent on the given terms and conditions, any adherence of the clause can lead to a strict action against any of the two.

Custody of child:

  • Both the husband and wife agree on the joint custody of their child.
  • Husband agrees to deposit an amount of $2300 each month to support the child
  • Wife agrees to deposit an amount of$2200 each month to support the child.

Debt and expense payment:

Husband agrees to pay all the debts regarding the house loan and without holing the wife responsible for it.

Personal property:

The personal property which included two houses, four companies, five properties are to be equally allotted to both the parties. The division is to take place in following course,

  • Husband gets the main house on Birmingham street and two companies, properties to be distributed equally
  • Wife gets the second family house with the remaining two companies.


Mr. John Mosby agrees to give divorce to Mrs. Allison Mosby.


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