Divorce Documents

Divorce documents are those pieces of legal papers which makes it clear that a married couple wants to separate and terminate the marriage on legal basis. These kinds of documents can either be sent from the husband to the wife asking for divorce or vice versa. In many cases, divorce is also mutual.

Such documents mainly consist of points which form the different aspects that are being argued upon. These aspects consist of child custody, property distribution, rights, alimony, distribution of jointly owner assets etc. In the case where the divorce document is jointly drafted, each party can put across his/her terms and conditions which he/she wishes to convey.

Divorce documents are legal in nature and a couple may need a divorce lawyer to get them framed. The language used is extremely formal in nature and the document has to be framed by following a certain format which is approved by law.

The following are a few examples of the points that need to be mentioned in a divorce document:

  • Name and addresses of both the parties involved in the divorce procedure.
  • The date on which the petitioners were married should be mentioned along with the location and state in which they were married.
  • In case the petitioners have any children, then their names and date of births have to be clearly indicated.
  • The address of the workplaces of the involved parties is an important point to be listed.
  • An appeal should be made for the dissolution of the marriage under federal laws of state
  • Signatures of both parties.

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