Divorce Document Format

Divorce document serves as an evidence of a legal separation in marriage. Therefore, a divorce document format should be constructed effectively considering the different aspects and reasons behind the marriage termination on a legal basis.

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Sample Divorce Document Format

Divorce Document Format

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This is a legal mutual separation document between the petitioner ________________ and respondent __________________.

Date of presenting the document _______________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of divorce document must highlight the essential reason behind the call for marriage termination. This divorce document should be so framed keeping in mind the aspects of the complaint filed by the couple while lodging an appeal for divorce. This paragraph should document specific points and must give a formal outlook so that it could serve as evidence incase of any future contrariety. Depending on the kind of the matter the document should be constructed accordingly.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must highlight under which federal laws of state the complaints for the dissolution of marriage is falling under. According to it, the complaints are written one by one so that the reason behind the appeal of divorce is clear to the judge and the concerned petitioner gets proper justice.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph of the document should be written in a request tone in order to receive proper justice. Moreover, important dates like marriage date and location of the petitioner, if the petitioner has any children then their complete birth details and date should be clearly indicated on the last paragraph only. The document should be drafted with a presentable approach so that it can depict its importance with clarity.

Signature of the petitioner ________________

Signature of the respondent __________________

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