Divorce Agreement Document

Divorce agreement document is related to the agreement regarding the separation of husband and wife along with the mutual assent to the terms and conditions of separation. They agree on the equal distribution of assets and liabilities between them along with the custody of any children or any other person between them. The document includes clauses regarding the mutual disagreement if to happen, would be resolved by the two parties. One of the benefits of divorce agreement document is that, it leads to less complicated divorce and avoidance of higher attorney fees.

Sample Divorce Agreement Document:

Divorce agreement

Name of husband: Mr. Raymond Harper

Name of wife: Mrs. Sheryl Milano Harper

Hereby both husband and wife agree to the following clauses regarding their divorce

Preliminary matters:

  1. Husband and wife were married on 27 august 1980, at the state of Birmingham, London. Due to certain disagreement both the parties agree with the terms and conditions of separation.
  2. Both the parties have counseled and with the advice of their attorneys respectively agree to have divorce without opposing on any of the point of separation.
  3. Both agree on equal division of house and property including all the assets and liabilities.

Custody terms and conditions:

Names of children: Aryan, Simon

  1. Husband agrees to the custody of children to be with wife
  2. He agrees to the amount of $3000 to be paid each month for the support of children.
  3. Wife agrees on the visitation period guaranteed to husband.


Husband has agreed to give his second home to the wife and kids which is based on 3 Revenue Street Birmingham. He himself will reside in the family home. Children till the age of 18 years will be supported by both husband and wife.

Agree to the divorce on 23 April 2011

Signature of husband:

Signature of wife:

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