Different Types of Legal Documents

There are various types of legal documents, each having a specific objective. When you know about different types of legal documents, you can choose the right one, according to your requirement. Some of the legal documents can be easily filled by individuals, whereas some complicated ones, require the intervention of professionals of law. When you have any doubt or need proper advice, you should contact a good attorney.

Business Formation

These types of documents are used for incorporating a new business or for creating a limited liability company. You will need to consult an attorney to handle the documents pertaining to business as the process involves formal filing specification.

Real Property

These are the legal documents, which are used to make transfers in property or to give interest. Contract documents for property sale or lease agreements are the common types of real property documents. These are usually prepared with the help of an attorney, as they involve huge amounts of money.

Estate Planning

These types of documents are used to determine the division of an individual’s money, assets and other property upon death. A will is a common type of estate planning document which is seen. You can prepare a will on your own, but it is advisable to consult a lawyer, if large estates are involved.

Contract Documents

There are different types of contract documents, for various purposes. Most commonly seen contract documents are sale of car, employment contract, partnership contract, etc. You can create a legal contract, without the assistance of an attorney, if you know what information has to be included in it.

Intellectual Property

These types of documents are used for asserting a legal right over a design or a specific name. Patent and trademark rights are the most common types of intellectual property documents. You can file for a trademark right or patent right, without lawyer’s assistance, but it is better to consult one, if the issue at hand seems to be complex.

Personal Documents

These types of documents are related to issues which include divorce, personal injury, bankruptcy, etc. Personal documents can be filed without the help of an attorney, but you can approach an experienced attorney, when in doubt or for legal advice.

Court Documents

Court related documents include complaints, motions, summons and subpoenas. As the legal proceedings involved in documents pertaining to court can be complicated, it is better to consult a reputed lawyer.

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