Development Contract Document

A development contract document is an official statement of contract made between individuals or companies, where an organization or company endows a person with the responsibility of its general development or a particular project. It should be carefully prepared and include inputs like payment options, warranties and liabilities, development program and others. All facts and figures should be accurately entered.

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Sample Development Contract Document:

Development Contract Document

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The company ‘Visual Joy’ (referred to as Client) has engaged Mr. Christopher Howe of 45, Palm Avenue, for the task of performing web development on a site called ‘Visual Joy Avenue’ including all pages. Mr. Christopher Howe has agreed to undertake the task, which includes web layout, graphic designing, logo designing and development, CD ROM designing, java script and other related jobs.

Mr. Christopher Howe agrees that the job will be finished by 30th September, 2012 and thereafter the client shall pay him the an amount of $ 5,00,000. If Mr. Howe terminates the contract or cancels the project before the work is finished, no payment shall be made on such issues. The person will hold exclusive copyright for his work. It is to be mentioned that the client will not be responsible for the completion of any additional work that is not mentioned in this contract. The client has judged the quality of Mr. Howe’s work before signing the contract and can no way cancel it, once the project is finished. The client is liable to pay the person, the assured amount.

We agree to the above terms and conditions and accept that any breach of contract in this regard shall be penalized.

_____________________                                                     ________________________

(Signature of client)                                                              (Signature of service provider)

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