Development Agreement Document

A development agreement document is an outline of the agreement clauses decided between two interested companies by virtue of which the companies jointly take up a development program. It is a very important part of any cooperative venture and the requirements of effectuating or terminating the agreement should be negotiated and written down subsequently in the document.

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Sample Development Agreement Document

Development Agreement Document

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Development agreement for development of medicines as treatment of sexual disorders

This development agreement is established on the insistence and avowal of Fortis Health Hospitals (marked as A) and Revival Pharmacological Institute (marked as B), who wish to enter into a short term agreement on development of therapeutic remedies for sexual disorders.

Focus of the agreement:

The agreement is based on the mutual decision to devise herbal ways for treating erectile dysfunction, impotency, premature ejaculation, sex related anxiety and depression and sexual dysfunctions.

The agreement proposes that that the base of the treatment development will be completely non-chemical and medicines to be invented for this purpose will be derived from plant parts such as leaves, bark, flowers.

Internals of the agreement:

The agreement warrants the parties to start the formal process of research from 8th October, 2011 for as long as the research program requires the joint collaboration.

The intellectual property generated within the process, that is, formula, trade secrets, patents, copyrights and confidential data, will be protected by the parties.

The agreement hereby asserts that research work will be conducted and overseen by A and the manufacturing cum sale of the drugs by B.


Samuel Love (director-general)

Harman Hamilton (executive-general)

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