Design Proposal Document

A design proposal document is one which contains the suggestions for revamping a certain space. It can be supplemented with pictures and other detailing so that the document is more comprehensive and provides a total idea of how a space will look after the designers are done with it. Care should be taken to make the design proposal document itself attractive and multidimensional so that both amateurs and professionals can benefit from it. It should maintain its exclusivity yet remain accessible and understandable at the same time.

Sample Design Proposal Document

The following is an extract from the sample design proposal presented by Jacob Kellerman and Associates Pvt. Ltd. to Gino’s Fine Dining Restaurant on 23rd and 24th Avenue intersection, New York. The complete design proposal will be uploaded on our website though with restricted access and permission.

Salient features of the design proposal:

  • The interiors of the new restaurant outlet shall be made up of chrome and glass, contributing to the edgy feel of the décor and ensuring that the interior design of this outlet is in keeping with those of our other outlets in other parts of the city.
  • The number of covers for this new restaurant shall be increased from the usual 24 to 36, given the increase in popularity of the restaurant and the fact that the location of the restaurant is in such a place as is bound to attract a lot of customers who match the profile set out by the restaurant as its target clientele.
  • The design proposal also contains suggestions on how the uniform of the waiters and serving staff can be made to blend harmoniously with the décor of the restaurant, how the exterior decoration of the restaurant can be a reflection of its interiors and how the theme of Japanese can be incorporated into it.

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