Design Document Template

A design document template is a format portraying how a document related to any job of designing should be framed. The template contains the reason and procedure of the designing job and presents the entire idea of a particular designing work in a methodological way. Hence, a design template can serve a wide range of designing purposes starting from designing a house to designing a web page.

You can Download the Free Design Document Template customize it according to your needs and Print. Design Document Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Design Document Template

Design Document Template

Download Free Design Document Template

Name of the designing project: _____________________________________ [Mention the name of the design project]

Design created by: __________________________________ [Provide the name of the creator of the design]

Design project patronised by: ________________________________ [Mention the name of the company sponsoring the designing project]

Nature of the design: ____________________________________ [Provide details of the design/its type/its base/its orientation]

Major Company involved in the project: _________________________ [Mention the name of the chief company involved in the designing (if any)]

Estimated time requirement for completion of the designing: ________________________ [Provide the approximate time span that might be required for completing the entire task of design creating]

Salient Features of the designs which have been pre conceived by the designer:

  • Feature 1: ________________________________
  • Feature 2: ________________________________
  • Feature 3: ________________________________ [Mention those significant features of the design which the designer already has in mind]

Stakeholders involved in the creation project: ______________________________ [Furnish with the names of chief stakeholders involved in the designing project (if any)]

Estimated cost required for creating the design work: _______________________________ $ [Provide an estimation of the total cost of effort spent]

Date: _______________________________________

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