Cost Analysis Requirement Document

A cost analysis requirement document is one which outlines the money needed for a certain purpose which may be a reform, an addition an existing project and so on. Such a document is usually created to present authorizing bodies with an approximate amount to work with. Often panels which will grant funds and other resources demand a cost analysis requirement document as part of protocol. It also ensures transparency and creates clarity and prevents ambiguity. All of these factors make a cost analysis requirement document very effective and important.

Sample Cost Analysis Requirement Document

Cost analysis requirement document for: Department of English, University of Wittenberg

Date of submission of cost analysis requirement document: 12th June 2012

Purpose of cost analysis requirement document:

  • To inquire into the cost requirement of revamping the departmental library.
  • To send the cost analysis requirement document to the University Grants Commission in order to get it approved and to source funds from the body.
  • To create a precedent for such cost analysis documents even for daily business of the department like internal expenditures and cost requirements.

Salient features of the cost analysis requirement document:

  • A complete overhauling of the departmental library will cost an approximate amount of 10 million USD.
  • Costs will be distributed between steel cupboards for the books, complete technical overhauling of the OPAC catalogues of the library, restoration of some early manuscripts and books which are extremely valuable and have been part of private collections and donated to the departmental library. This entire process shall take up an additional amount of 20 million USD.
  • We also wish to extend our computer bank by the addition of 20 new computer terminals with high speed internet connections and other such services. This will cost around 15 million USD.

Expected completion of overhauling: June 2014

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