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A contract document is an official agreement document which represents legal binding between two parties regarding any certain matter or job along with some consideration. Such a document should be effectively framed in order to attain utmost precision and can serve as a relevant piece of evidence for future necessity.

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Contract Document

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Employment Contract Document

This contract document is presented by the company Pinnacle Airlines to the employer Mr. Justin Matthew on 15th July 2011 by agreeing to provide employment. The company is giving an employment opportunity for the position of “Flight Steward” in domestic airlines.

Both the parties must abide by the following terms and violation of any one can lead to legal implications against any of them.

  • Basic Monthly salary as agreed upon $2500 exclusive of other benefits that is being promised to be provided by the company.
  • The employee should be provided with accommodation free of cost on various places wherever he would visit on duty apart from his hometown.
  • The employer would be provided with transportation cost on places where he would have to visit due to his duty.
  • The employee cannot resign from the position before 2 years and if he does so, he has to pay a compensation of $4500 which the company has invested in providing training to him.
  • The employer would manage the repatriate including service benefits and return of dead to the legal heirs of the employees.
  • Working hours should not be less than 50 hours in a week.

Signature of the employer ________________________

Signature of the employee _____________________

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