Contract Agreement Document

A contract agreement document is one which provides an example of the way in which a contract agreement is documented and finalized. It is a legal document indicating the terms and clauses on which the contract agreement will be finalized. It must be written carefully so that mistakes are avoided. It must be written in the prescribed manner as it is a document of the law.

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Sample Contract Agreement Document:

Contract Agreement Document

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The following is the contract agreement document between Robert Lewes of Egerton Stationery Pvt. Ltd. and Samuel Rogers of Redford Printing House Pvt. Ltd. The contract agreement states the clauses between the two regarding the supply of paper and other stationery materials by the former [henceforth known as A] to the latter [henceforth known as B]. The following points pertaining to the contract agreement are to be noted:

  • This contract agreement specifies that A shall ship consignments of paper, ink and other required stationery material to B at the beginning of every week for a two months trial period.
  • The contract agreement also specifies that A shall be paid, by B, a monthly amount for the materials ordered, apart from a starting amount as specified by the list enclosed with this contract agreement.
  • After the trail period of two months, the performance of A shall be reviewed and a contract will be renewed for a longer period of time depending on several factors.
  • In case of a breach of contract by either A or B, legal proceedings will be initiated by the other party. All disputes shall be decided in the jurisdiction of the court of Los Angeles.

Signature of Mr. Robert Lewes: _______________________

Signature of Mr. Samuel Rogers: ________________________

Signature of advocate: ______________________

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