Content Requirement Document

A content requirement document is one which outlines exactly what is required from an individual, a piece of writing, a report or an organization. This is necessary as a sort of abstract which can help point the individual to his requirements. Often such content requirement documents are used by thesis supervisors to guide and direct their researchers. Whatever the use, the content requirement document must be precise and comprehensive and it must be remembered, that someone else will use the content requirement document as the basis of his or her thesis or research.

Sample Content Requirement Document

Content requirement document for: Submission of M.Phil dissertation.

Name of candidate: Samantha Jonson, pursuing an M. Phil degree from the Department of English, University of Wittenberg.

Topic chosen for dissertation: The Theme of Partition in the Short Stories of Riddick Ghetto

Content requirement document presented by: Thesis supervisor Professor Damien Hart, Ph. D, Partition Literature, University of London.

Salient features of the content requirement document:

  • Number of words for dissertation: 2 to 5 million
  • Date of submission: by June 2015
  • Format: E-copy and hard bound dissertation style
  • Style of citation to be used: MLA Style

Content required:

  • The dissertation must begin with an introduction of the trauma of partition, how the concept of nation is a construct and used by a few to motivate the many, often into insanity and madness.
  • The dissertation must then place Ghetto in his context and use both his short stories written in Spanish and his films in an intertextual reading of his ideas of partition.
  • The dissertation can then use this to explore similar themes used by other contemporary writers.
  • The researcher must also put forth her opinion on how successfully, if at all, Ghetto manages to convince the pain and trauma of partition in his work, and how it can be retrospectively seen now.

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