Consultancy Tender Document

A consultancy tender document is a type of tender document that is used primarily by the service industry and mostly relates to offering different types of consultancy services. A consultancy tender document is normally issued by firms and organizations that require specific consultancy services. The consultancy services procured by using a tender document include general consultancy, strategy consultancy, human resource, information technology, financial consultancy, and niche or expertise related consultancy.

Sample Consultancy Tender Document:

Consultancy Tender Document

Subject: This is a consultancy tender document created and issued by the L&T corporate. The purpose of the document is to inform the bidders regarding the specific engineering consultancy required by L&T in setting up a nuclear fuel complex in Nebraska.

Tender Number:  No.9621/L&T/Arkansas/TENDER/2011-12

Dated: 11/20/2011

Issued by: Project Manager

This Tender is For Detailed Engineering Specifications


The bids being offered by various consultancy firms against this consultancy tender document should conform to the following areas as mentioned in the document:

  1.         i.            Part-I: Introduction to project
  2.       ii.            Part-II: Pre Qualification
  3.     iii.            Part-III: Request For a Proposal
  4.     iv.            Part-IV: General and technical requirement
  5.       v.            Part-V: Form of Tender

Site Description

L&T is proposing to setup a 600 TPY Fuel Fabrication Facility as well as 100 TPY Zirconium Fabrication Facility (ZFF). These plants will be situated next to the Power Station that is situated in Omaha, Nebraska. Here are some of the specifications of the site:

Co-ordinates:  41.2586° N, 95.9375° W

Land available: 1150 Ha approx

Max. temperature: 32°C

Min. temperature: 21°C

Average yearly rainfall: 30.22 inches

Average wind speeds: 12.6mph

Project Cost Details

Estimated cost: $ 50 Million

Earnest Cost: $500,000

Time for completion: 3 years

Last date for submission: 01/20/2012

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